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  • To compete effectively with the “rogue” TNCs, GroundWidgets (GW) has authorized its members to operate a “universal” mobile application (“RydeSafe”) and website for both on-demand and scheduled rides. This enables the hundreds of vehicles operated by GW members to appear on the map in real-time. This allows for fast pick-up times similar to the TNC “rogue” apps.

  • For on-demand rides, “Ryde Safe” will dispatch the request to the closest car regardless of the GW member operating that car. This will assure you the fastest pick-up time. Alternatively, for scheduled rides, everyone who registers for the “Ryde Safe” app will select the GW member that they want their account assigned to. When someone schedules a ride, the system will forward that request to the GW member who “owns” that passenger for dispatch to one of their drivers.

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